The aims

Born in 1997, the International Research Organisation On Crimes Against Humanity (AIRCRIGE) is an organisation of interdisciplinarity university researchers – though not restricted to university.

Its aim is to create a link between individuals, groups of individuals and fields of knowledge from various events in order to generate the needed forum for exchange between research, testimony and political critique, so that we can transform our appallingly controversial, amnesic, cultural relationship to these events into a way of thinking which would take present and future realities into account.

Against the tendency of communitarian and scientific compartmentalization to become more rigid, which prevents the creation of such a forum, as well as against the trivialisation or right-thinking universalism that is often its counterpart, our aim is to make up a two-way, cross disciplinary link between the various groups: survivors of genocide and destruction or/and those directly and even indirectly affected by them, namely all of us.

This link implies that the anthropology of political violence, which is necessary nowadays, is a critique of the criminal state and of the discourse of accompanying denials. It requires the combining of what is called “objective” and “subjective” approaches and thus the contribution of each social science, the taking into account of international law – including the analysis of its consequences and manipulation – a study using and concerning testimonies, the deciphering of scientific, political, aesthetic and media discourse.

AIRCRIGE’ work consists of attempts to articulate these elements – too fragmented in the present state of research and institutions – the aim not being to reach a consensus but to shine some light on some blind spots in each of them.

Founders : Catherine Coquio and Irving Wohlfarth
Presidency : Catherine Coquio
Vice Presidency : Claude Mouchard ; George Molinié
Secretary :Elizabeth Applegate (New York) ; Laure Coret (Paris)
Communication : Aisha Rahamatali (Genève) ; Carol Guillaume (Paris)
Treasury : Véronique Fouquet

Current support Committee

Sibel Agrali - Janine Altounian - Sandra Alvarez de Toledo - Michel Audisio - Fethi Benslama - Jean Bollack - Anna Bravo - Juan Boggino - Michelle Cadoret - Jean-Pierre Chrétien - Jean-Louis Déotte - Boubacar Boris Diop - Olivier Douville - Guy Ducrey - Philippe Dufour - Richard Figuier - Antonia Fonyi - Geneviève Fraisse - Dominique Franche - Nicole Gabriel - Jeanne-Marie Gagnebin - José Kagabo - Lilas Kaminsky - Isabelle Krzywkowski - Bernard Latarjet - Gyslain Levy - Michel Launay - Charles Malamoud - Francis Marmande - Gustave Massiah - Marc Nichanian - Régis Lefort - Florent Schaeffer - Bernhard Taureck - Enzo Traverso - Christine Van Rogger-Andreucci (†) - François-Xavier Vershave (†) - Ruth Vogel-Klein - Abdourahman Waberi.

(Last update: 2007, march)


Since it started, AIRCRIGE has been the framework of many meetings, symposiums and publications. For further details, you are invited to refer to the corresponding pages of our website, as well as to the archives section of <our information bulletin >. Everyone who wishes to take part, to help financially or merely to be informed, can join it.

(Trans. A. Maury)

Association Internationale de Recherches sur les Crimes contre l'Humanité et les Génocides